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NL eHealth cluster

A group of Dutch eHealth expert companies from the Life Sciences & Health (LSH) sector have joined forces in a public-private partnership to build partnerships with German counterparts to adopt and integrate eHealth solutions. The cluster has more than 10 years of experience and knowledge of the Dutch market, and expertise on the deployment of a solid and secured digital infrastructure, also already in Germany.

Similarities in patient profiles allow a German-Dutch cooperation to develop and explore forward-looking eHealth solutions that will move the healthcare system forward. This way, Germany and the Netherlands can drive forward a new era of connected care together.

Consisting of ten partners, the group’s biggest strength is the complementary digital solutions they offer for Germany’s integration of a reliable care model that delivers high-quality healthcare services, independent of time and place and at a reduced cost. As a result, eHealth will improve patients’ quality of life, also for those who are not sick. Such solutions allow for more efficient, smoother and securer processes at a wide range of healthcare organizations, including pharmacies. With an emphasis on integrated solutions, this cluster leaves behind the standalone approach and ensures digital health fits into the natural/clinical workflows of healthcare providers, without risk of data leaks. If standalone solutions are offered, this will result in an inevitable separation and miscommunication of the solutions.

The Dutch LSH sector wishes to partner up with the German health sector in its shift towards fully connected care by using smart and accessible digital tools in every step of the patient’s journey.

Innovative eHealth solutions

The companies

The Dutch eHealth cluster consists of the following companies:

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Liaison officer

Our role

Monika Sanders, managing partner of psps business abroad, acts as official liaison officer for the Dutch eHealth cluster in Germany. The cluster was setup through a public-private partnership, initiated by Task Force Health Care and the Netherlands Enterprise Agency.

The goal of the cluster is to increase German-Dutch cooperation in order to support the global healthcare sector in offering patients fully connected care every step of the way. In line with SDG3 ‘Good Health and Well-Being’, the Netherlands and Germany are committed to ensuring healthy lives and well-being for everyone at every age. In recent years, huge progress has been made around the world in reducing common diseases and increasing life expectancy due to increased funding, accessibility and improved sanitation.

Digitalisation of the health sector has the potential of transforming healthcare services by adding direct value to patients and healthcare organisations. This includes organisations benefitting from secure registration of personal data from the moment we are born to the moment we pass away. Digitalisation offers patients and their loved ones 24/7 personal support, even in the most remote areas. This also offloads bureaucratic pressure on healthcare workers, allowing them more time to offer patients excellent care. In other words, it proposes a fully ‘connected care’ system for everyone.

The Netherlands, as a small but smart neighbouring country, can share with Germany vast knowledge, technology and experience in the areas of patient privacy, digitalisation, preventive screenings as well as the diverse technologies that make us pragmatic problem solvers. The Netherlands can offer digital solutions that fully comply with the highest privacy standards and regulations, and along with Germany, solve healthcare problems together. Providing Germany with tailor-made solutions for the different parts of the larger problem that can be integrated in the solution for the bigger picture fits with the Netherlands’ small, smart status. 

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