Agriculture trade mission to Benin

Due to limited access to equipment, high quality inputs (including high-quality seeds, fertilizers, crop protection products, etc.) and opportunities for financing, Benin's current agricultural systems are not good enough to fill the gap between supply and demand.

For these reasons, developing the horticulture sector has been a spearhead for the Benin government since 2016. The Netherlands is considered a key partner in this.

Trade Mission eHealth to Switzerland

The Netherlands and Switzerland have a similar vision for the future of healthcare. Much attention is given to prevention and improving the health of its citizens. Both countries have a large baby-boomer population are innovative countries and face similar challenges in terms of health expenditure. This provides a good basis for cooperation between the Dutch and Swiss business communities and institutes.

PIB eHealth Germany

A group of Dutch eHealth expert companies from the Life Sciences & Health (LSH) sector have joined forces in a public-private partnership to build partnerships with German counterparts to adopt and integrate eHealth solutions. The cluster has more than 10 years of experience and knowledge of the Dutch market, and expertise on the deployment of a solid and secured digital infrastructure, also already in Germany.

Digital Trade & Information event ‘Let Food Be Your Medicine’

Voeding in de zorg - Let Food Be Your Medicine, feature

Over the past four years the Netherlands Embassy in Brussels has been actively engaging within the field of nutrition in healthcare. The embassy has organised several events in Flanders, exchanging knowledge and creating valuable connections between Dutch businesses and Flemish healthcare organisations. 2019 marked the year for the event in Luxembourg.
Given the positive reception of the event in the region, the embassy decided to once again host an event with a focus on Luxembourg this year. Simultaneously we are shifting the focus of the event in Belgium towards Wallonia.

Agro Senegal, Digital Trade and Investment Mission

Senegal has been an important agro-country for the Netherlands for many years. We export onions and potatoes and import mango, vegetables and poultry. The country is of interest to companies and knowledge institutions that are active in sustainable production, supply, processing and trade. During three days of workshops, in-depth sessions, round tables and matchmaking our participants (re)discovered the opportunities in Senegal.

Hannover Messe Netherlands startup-collective 2021

Hannover Messe, with 6.500 international exhibitors and > 200.000 visitors from 70 countries the world’s largest industry trade fair. In 2021 completely digital, with an impressive reach: as many as 1.3 million unique visitors, accounting for 2.4 million searches and 180.000 streaming views. The fair has a special Young Tech Enterprises program for startups, the ideal platform to get in touch directly with large (German) corporates. Also in 2021 the Netherlands Start-up Pavilion will be a powerhouse of innovation: be there!

CES 2021 Netherlands Startup Pavillion

Under the flag of 'NL Tech Solutions For Global Challenges', psps i.c.w. several partners guided a group of over 90 Dutch startups during the times of the largest (virtual) tech fair in the world: the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) Las Vegas 2021.

Absolutely Caribbean

Meet Caribbean food producers at Absolutely Carribean Virtual Expo 2020, November 17 & 18.


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