Agriculture trade mission to Benin

Due to limited access to equipment, high quality inputs (including high-quality seeds, fertilizers, crop protection products, etc.) and opportunities for financing, Benin's current agricultural systems are not good enough to fill the gap between supply and demand.

For these reasons, developing the horticulture sector has been a spearhead for the Benin government since 2016. The Netherlands is considered a key partner in this.

Tavola 2021/2022

avola: Trade fair of fine and fresh food. Rated 8.5 by participants in 2018. Most former participants 2018 go again to the fair.
Little preparation time, grant, exhibition stand and marketing all taken care of for you.

Biotech missie Londen

For Dutch Entrepreneurs, the United Kingdom (UK) is a country of many opportunities. In the field of Life Sciences, for example, the UK is among the world's best. It is estimated that this sector has a value of £70 billion to the UK economy. The government also wants the UK to become the most prominent world hub in the field of medical innovation and biomedical and clinical research.